Blazing fast compliance

Stop letting the inefficiencies of your Hospice EMR steal time from your patients and team.

With FireNote, you can invest time with your patients and waste less time charting.

Let us show you how
FireNote give you more time for patient care

Think that faster charting is less compliant? Think again.

FireNote's intuitive user-friendly interface, and Care Plans backed by our proprietary Informed Intelligence technology, actually enhances compliance and lets your team focus their time on your patients rather than struggling through clunky, outdated EMR systems with inefficient protocols that were originally built for Home Health.

More time with patients, less time dealing with a frustrating EMR... it's a win-win-win for everyone.

Your patients get better care

Streamlined charting powered by our patent-pending RapidChart® technology dramatically reduces clinical charting time.

Your team will be happier

They can spend more time focused on actually being caregivers rather than record keepers.

You'll be less frustrated

Because you finally have an EMR platform that works for you instead of against you.

Quickly burn through clinical charting

(while staying compliant)

Provide a better level of patient care with a completely re-conceptualized Care Plan including:

Faster clinical charting

Be Better Caregivers

FireNote gives everyone a complete picture of the care the patient needs and a clear indication of how well your team is adhering to that plan.

Patient-Centered Care Plan

In FireNote, everything from the comprehensive Care Plan to the well thought out and minimized interface is built around the patient.

Achieve Work/Life Balance

It's so simple and intuitive, which means charting can easily be completed at the end of the visit, while the patient and visit are still top-of-mind.

How fast is it really?

Average number of minutes to complete patient charting in FireNote.

(These are fully compliant, head-to-toe assessments and include Care Plan, medications, orders, IDG note, and comprehensive narrative)

Faster charting starts here


Routine RN

(up to 45 minutes in other EMRs)



(up to 2 hours in other EMRs)



(up to 90 minutes in other EMRs)

Blazingly efficient office workflows

Stop chasing orders, faxes, medications, documents, and patient management. FireNote's intuitive admin tools let you focus on your hospice's bottom line.

  • Exceed Compliance Requirements

    Trends, exceptions, and incidents are all automatically tracked by system. Key pieces of information stay front-and-center, so they don't get forgotten or fall through the cracks.

  • Maximize Your A/R

    Send claims to Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance quickly and easily. Each patient claim goes through a full 31-point internal billing audit before it is able to be sent to the clearinghouse.

  • High Performance Comes Standard

    • Cloud-based, fast, reliable, 99% uptime guarantee
    • HIPAA compliant secure electronic faxing
    • Integrated document management
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accounts receivable tracking admit/discharge and adc tracking
length of stay tracking open encounters tracking

Make your care plan central to the care your hospice provides

Stop getting burned by your current EMR and rise from the ashes with FireNote

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