Super hot features that get Clinicians fired up!

With innovative concepts and an intuitive interface, clinical users average a measured 80% less time charting in FireNote than they did in their previous EMR Systems.

Blazingly Fast Charting
Powered by RapidChart®

RapidChart® is our patent-pending technology that lets you chart patient visits faster than you ever thought possible while enhancing compliance. Cumbersome charting wastes time and resources that should be focused on your patients, it also increases the probability that someone will make a mistake Faster charting means it's no longer a chore to chart, so your team is able to complete a fully compliant chart within minutes, rather than hours. Patient medical records created with RapidChart® technology are easier to read and understand than clinical notes from other EMRs, and can quickly be faxed or downloaded from our cloud-based online platform.

  • Painless Note Builder

    Our RapidChart™ technology allows you to effortlessly create comprehensive visit notes. No more stumbling, fumbling or fat-fingering your way through charting a visit. You can build quick, concise and compliant notes in mere minutes. Your entire care team will love the lightning-quick intuitive chart builder, which builds an editable care note in front of their eyes.

  • Complete Care Plans

    Segmented plans of care for each discipline let you know what is being done for the patient and whether your team is on plan. That means no more wasting hours searching for missed visits. You know at the push of a button whether your team is on- or off-plan.

  • Integrated eRx & EPCS

    Manage medications and EPCS right in the care plan with an easy and intuitive interface. That means no more logging into and out of multiple systems just to order or change meds.

assessments are easy in FireNote surescripts certified erx workflow

Keep your team informed instantly

Easily update your care team, office support, or administrators with email-free communications. The all-in-one care communication and coordination built into FireNote ensures your team is always up-to-date with the latest information about the patient.

  • Paperless Order Creation

    Frequency changes, DME requests, Medication orders are routed automatically for approval. Your doctors are able to easily process changes with the push of a button, dramatically reducing wasted time and effort.

  • Easy Scheduling

    Schedule your patients without messing up the current visit frequencies. FireNote's scheduler helps enhance your team's ability to schedule visits according to the care plan.

  • User Dashboard

    Time-based alerts keep you on top of pending assigned tasks, communication, and open visits. No more missed visits or tasks slipping through the cracks. Your plan of care is actually planned and, at the push of a button, you can see how well you're doing.

scheduling in FireNote is easy
It's a fact!

Clinical Users Prefer FireNote

And why wouldn't they? The interface is easy to use. There's no need to have a patient open in multiple tabs to get information. No clutter, just straight up patient-centered care.

I've been here for five years and it used to take me at least 2 1/2 hours to document an admission. Now I'm usually under 40 minutes.

Cody B.

Nurse Practitioner

I start my visit before I walk into the house do my cares and from the front door to my car, I finish and lock my note and ready to go onto the next patient.

Herlinda G.

Hospice Aide

Coming from the hospital where things were pretty quick I was shocked to see how streamlined and fast this documentation was.

Renee S.

Registered Nurse

Our certifications used to be very labor-intensive. Now I get an alert on my dashboard and I can be finished with all my documentation in less than 10 minutes.

Michael D.

Medical Director

Everything is in one spot now and I'm never behind my charting.

Charlie P.


Even with recent staffing shortages, the simplicity of the system lets us provide the quality of care that is expected and still get to see our families.

Shannon R.

Social Worker

It usually takes me 5 to 6 minutes to document a full note with care plan, medication list, and my IDG notes.

Brianna P.

Registered Nurse

I used to have to have somebody schedule my face to faces FireNote gives me a 30 day countdown and I'm able to make them just part of my day.

Lenny J.

Nurse Practitioner

Are you kidding me? That's all I have to do? Why was it so hard before?

Megan D.

Medical Director

You still need convincing

And we totally get it. We make some pretty big claims, and if we're being honest, you aren't the first to shake your head at us and give that 'bless your heart' look. Here are some questions we get quite often, but if your questions aren't listed below, we'd love a chance to answer them directly.

Is it really that fast?

Yes! In fact, FireNote is super fast. Why? Our codebase is very agile, light, and powerful.

The problem with most other EMRs is they were built decades ago - like in the brick and flip phone eras. These older legacy technologies then need additional layers added to work with newer technologies and regulatory requirements. The end result is a system that's heavy, slow, and sometimes unusable.

How can charting be so easy?

The real question is why do other EMRs make charting so difficult? In FireNote, everything is centered around the patient. In fact, if you are a Clinical User, the Patients link is the ONLY link you have in your navigation. No need to go hunting through multiple dropdown menus or the dreaded 'Related Links'.

It's that simple.

Do I still control the care plan?

We'd say you actually have more control than you ever had in other systems. Care plans in FireNote just make sense. Every action or intervention is directed at a specific problem. This makes it easy for anyone to understand what is being done to care for the patient, and more importantly, why it's being done. When your care plan is purpose-driven, you can't help but provide incredible patient care.

Are you sure it's compliant?

FireNote has undergone three independent reviews by leading and respected Hospice Auditing Compliance firms which found our platform and features excelled in technical compliance.

What am I going to do with all the extra time?

Spend more quality time with the patient. Or reconnect with your loved ones at home. They've missed you while you were charting your visits at the dinner table or over weekends.

And be sure to make some time for you :)

Rekindle your relationship with patient charting

Don't settle for a Hospice EMR that you love to hate. Use FireNote and discover your hidden passion for charting.

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