FireNote lets you do a lot more

(with a lot less)

Stop chasing orders, faxes, medications, documents, and patient management. FireNote's intuitive admin tools let you focus on your hospice's bottom line.

Workflows that ignite efficiency

Hospice Team Management typically falls into a lockstep pattern with your Average Daily Census. When your ADC increases, you may find you need to hire additional team members. This also means if your ADC goes down, you may need to reduce your team size. FireNote's added flexibility enables your team to easily respond to temporary spikes or dips in ADC.

  • Patient Management

    Simplified organization of patient medical history records, files, and data provides streamlined patient management from admission to discharge. So you can focus on your patients.

  • No-Prep IDG

    Finally, an IDG process that is fast, easy to use, and doesn't require writing notes ahead of time. All IDG notes are in one place, keeping you on-topic and ensuring no one slips through the cracks.

  • Benefit Period & CTI

    Never miss a recertification or miscalculate the start of the next benefit period. No more counting, guessing, or forgetting... it's automatically done for your benefit.

  • Rapid Response to ADRs

    Our integrated document management for patient records and information are easily selected and available for download or faxing within seconds Letting you respond to ADR or patient record requests faster than ever before.

  • HIPAA Faxing

    Incoming and outgoing faxes are sent securely through our HIPAA compliant integration. Eliminates the paper chasing and helps to keep your PHI transmissions compliant.

easily manage CTI and Beneit Periods

Exceed Compliance Expectations

Trackable QAPI, frequency management, HIS Data, CAHPS output all help FireNote make hospices compliance virtually effortless! Trends, exceptions, and incidents are all automatically tracked by system. Key pieces of information stay front-and-center, so they don't get forgotten or fall through the cracks.

  • Claims & RCM

    Send claims to any payer and manage your A/R, expected payments, and adjustments in one place. So you know exactly where your claims are in the process and when you can expect to be paid.

  • Insightful Reports

    Quickly and efficiently monitor the clinical, compliance, and financial health of your hospice. You never have to wonder about compliance, adherence to plan, or the how your hospice is doing... It's all there, at the push of a button.

  • User Scheduling

    Easily manage discipline-based patient visits that meet the set frequency requirements. No more forgetting visits or panicked last-minute drop-ins just to stay on plan. The entire process is easily scheduled to ensure compliance. FireNote makes it so your team stays on plan.

reports help keep you up to date in FireNote
It's Super fast!

High Performance is a Standard Feature

  • Cloud-based, fast, reliable, 99% uptime guarantee
  • HIPAA compliant secure electronic faxing
  • Integrated document management
  • Team coordination and communication
  • Intuitive patient document management
  • Quickly download or fax patient records and documents

Now that the system does all the orders for us I don't feel like I have anything to do throughout the day.

Cheri D.

Clinical Team Admin

Since switching to FireNote, all IDGs are signed and closed on that day. This was something we were never able to do in 8 years of business.

Pamela S.

Clinical Team Admin

We had one full-time employee tracking falls, medication errors, infections, recertifications, physician face to faces. FireNote does those things automatically, so we were able to utilize her in other areas.

Brandon H.

Hospice Administrator

I can sign all care plan orders and medication orders on my phone and can sign them as they come in. Now I never have orders that go beyond the same work day.

Michael D.

Medical Director

Training new employees in FireNote only takes a few minutes instead of days. They pick it up quickly and are charting faster than they thought was possible.

Nikaya J.

Hospice HR

Referrals are quickly added into the pre-admission status in less than a minute, and when the patient is ready to come onto service, completing the admission takes about 10 minutes.

Mike B.

Community Liaison

FireNote pre-checks each claim before it's transmitted to the clearinghouse. This means more claims are validated and ready to release the first time they're sent.

Kelli H.

Hospice Biller

Preparing for IDG used to take hours and we had to open a browser tab for each patient. Now IDG is pre-flighted ahead of time and starts in an instant and we never have to pre-load pages.

April L.

Clinical Team Admin

Since we've started using FireNote there hasn't been one day when the service was down. Our previous EMR was either so slow, or constantly offline.

Brandon H.

Hospice Administrator

Is your hospice right for FireNote?

You read that right. It takes a special kind of hospice to qualify to use FireNote. Typical examples include continuous frustration with EMR performance, high employee turnover, nurses who are overworked, and a general sense of helplessness.

Is it really that fast?

Yes! In fact, FireNote is super fast. Why? Our codebase is very agile, light, and powerful.

The problem with most other EMRs is they were built decades ago - like in the brick and flip phone eras. These older legacy technologies then need additional layers added to work with newer technologies and regulatory requirements. The end result is a system that's heavy, slow, and sometimes unusable.

How can charting be so easy?

The real question is why do other EMRs make charting so difficult? In FireNote, everything is centered around the patient. In fact, if you are a Clinical User, the Patients link is the ONLY link you have in your navigation. No need to go hunting through multiple dropdown menus or the dreaded 'Related Links'.

It's that simple.

Do I still control the care plan?

We'd say you actually have more control than you ever had in other systems. Care plans in FireNote just make sense. Every action or intervention is directed at a specific problem. This makes it easy for anyone to understand what is being done to care for the patient, and more importantly, why it's being done. When your care plan is purpose-driven, you can't help but provide incredible patient care.

Are you sure it's compliant?

FireNote has undergone three independent reviews by leading and respected Hospice Auditing Compliance firms which found our platform and features excelled in technical compliance.

What am I going to do with all the extra time?

Spend more quality time with the patient. Or reconnect with your loved ones at home. They've missed you while you were charting your visits at the dinner table or over weekends.

And be sure to make some time for you :)

It's time to rethink your hospice workflow

You deserve an EMR that moves as fast as you do. Stop letting slow and inefficient software limit the care you provide.

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